WOTLK | Enhancement Shaman PVP Talent Build \ Spec

Enhancement Shaman Talent build for arena.



Major: Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem, Glyph of Feral Spirit, Glyph of Stormstrike

Protection Paladin PvP Talent Build

Prot Pal spec for 2v2 arena.


Major Glyphs

[Glyph of Avenger's Shield]
[Glyph of Divine Plea]
[Glyph of Judgement]

Assassination Rogue PvP Talent Build



  • Keep your energy at 75%+.Don’t just spam mutilates. Keeping your energy at 75%+ allows you to make a great burst after you kicked healer or cc’ed the healer.
  • Restealth whenever you can. This gives you an overkill buff (increased energy regeneration for 20 sec).
  • Watch out fake casts. Use gouge when your kick is on cd. Interrupt cast at the very end of cast bar(If its not a penance :) ). Saving kidney for interrupting a cast could also be a good idea.
  • Use shiv to refresh \ reapply deadly poisons when they are about to fade off. Or to apply them more quicker.
  • When disarmed, warriors can’t use shield wall.
  • Major Glyphs

    [Glyph of Mutilate]
    [Glyph of Vigor]
    [Glyph of Sprint] / [Glyph of Vanish] / [Glyph of Preparation]
    Main offensive stats are: Attack power > Critical Strike Chance > Haste;

    Sap Macro

    /cast Sap
    /cast [target=arena1] sap
    /cast [target=arena2] sap
    /cast [target=arena3] sap

    ElvUI Mod of TukUI 3.3.5. Download.

    Modification of TukUI addon. This is a complete user interface replacement.

    Video Review by fbmowner

    TukUI Addon 3.3.5 (wotlk) Download.

    This addon will completely change your user interface:
  • Dialogs.
  • Unit frames.
  • Map.
  • Action Bars.
  • Chat frame and combat log.
  • However I would not recommend it for low resolution monitors.
    Install instructions:
    Copy folders Tukui, Tukui_ConfigUI, Tukui_dps_Layout, Tukui_Heal_Layout to Interface\Addons folder.
    Type /tukui to configure.

    When downloading, refresh the captcha image if it’s hard to read
    Download TukUI 3.3.5a

    Download Tidy Plates Addon For 3.3.5 (WotLK)

    Tidy Plates addon will change the look of your name plates to
    When downloading, refresh the captcha image if it’s hard to read
    Download Tidy Plates 3.3.5a

    Feral Druid with Restoration Shaman

    Playing this setup I got to 2.3k rating on arena tournament. This setup is pretty easy against several combos and in the same time almost impossible to win against others.

    VS Disc Priest + Rogue

    Basically there are two hard phases in this fight: good opening and dealing with kiting and drinking.

    Start and opening

    Shaman puts earth shield on himself because most likely they will go for shaman, and feral should survive the burst while shaman is sapped. Totems should be set behind pillar or under the bridge.Poison cleaning totem, tremor, nature resistance(rogue’s poisons do nature damage), and grounding.

    After initial positions are taken there are two variants for feral druid:

    1) Wait for rogue to open, and stun him giving your shaman time to move away. (At lower ratings you can just open rogue and kill him by CCing the priest) During the whole battle it’s important peel rogue from shaman. If you let the rogue to sit on shaman, you are in a very high risk of eating many double fears with resaps. Peeling could be achieved by cycloning, stunning and charging(makes him stand at one place for 3sec) the rogue. While rogue is CC’ed shaman must move in wolf form no matter how low his HP is. Just run away, make sure that rogue is far and than heal up.

    2) Second option is to open the priest asap. If rogue managed to sap shaman you can cyclone the priest, switch to bear form, try to roar to find rogue in other words kite and survive until your shaman heals you up, charge\stun priest to stop him from moving closer to shaman and fear. If after you open the priest they still decide to go for shaman, feral can pop berserk and make some pressure on the priest to not let him burn / dps. If priest is dwarf I always go for rogue at start(Dwarf’s racial ability removes all bleeds and literally fucks up feral damage and burst).

    The battle

    So after you survived their burst you have 60-70% of victory if you don’t make mistakes with fears and resap. Which is not that easy, because as soon as rogue wastes some cooldowns and priest will get low on mana they will kite as hell, playing very defensive and annoying.

    The goal is to kill priest controlling the rogue and not letting them reset.

    On low ratings it’s usually easy to kite priest’s fiend and win on mana. Feral must make sure his innervate will not be dispelled by priest.

    Download Bagnon Addon for 3.3.5(WotLK)

    This addon will display your bags in one frame. It also shows bank items and items of your other characters.
    Refresh the captcha image if it’s hard to read
    Download Bagnon Addon 3.3.5a

    Gatherer addon for 3.3.5 (WotLK)

    Addon that helps you to locate resources and treasures on the minimap.
    Download Gatherer addon 3.3.5a

    Cartographer addon for 3.3.5 (WotLK)

    Cartographer addon will show you maps of all zones in game such as: Cities Battlegrounds Dungeons Raids Leveling zones
    Bonus mp3 included! Download Cartographer addon 3.3.5a
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