Discipline Priest PvP Talent Build

This is an aggressive disc priest build for arena. It should be combined with a Glyph of Smite. When choosing aggressive build you must sacrifice some talents in discipline tree.


If you are playing priest first time it is a good practice to duel rouges. Set these goals:
Keep renew always buffed.
Keep inner fire always buffed. (Around 20% physical damage.)
Use shield, prayer of mending, penance every cooldown.
Kepp your dots on the rouge.
Fear every cooldown.

During few duels you will get used to your key bindings and cooldowns. Next stage will be beating a rogue without using fear:) practice some fake casting.


Major: Glyphs of inner fire, Glyph of Penance, Glyph of Pain Suppression/ Glyph of Smite


High priority stats for discipline priest are: Haste, Spell Power, Mana per 5 seconds (mp5)
Your gems depend on your setup and arena braket. For 3v3 and 5v5 mp5 is useless, haste is a win.
For Death Knight/ Priest setup some mp5 gems would be nice, because fights are usually long.
I prefer having 500 haste for 2s, and 700++ haste for 3v3 and 5v5.

Arena tips

1) Mass dispel to enter the combat for avoiding sap.
2) Against another priest cast fear ward in the fight, when you come close to him or you see him moving to you to fear. Make a macro for it – /cast [target=player] Fear Ward
3) Against warriors cast Fear Ward on your fiend. Macro /cast [target=Shadowfiend] Fear Ward
4) Against shamans kill tremor totems before fearing.
5) Dispel enemy buffs, especially paladin’s sacred shields. Frost mages are easy to kill when they are dispelled. Many other buffs of different classes can be dispelled too.
6) Mass dispel can remove ice block and paladins bubble.
7) Use shadow word: Death to break mage’s sheep.
8) If enemy healer is drinking behind pillar you can mass dispel to put him in combat.
9) Against priest’s cast shadowfiend after he feared.
10) Watch your position. Example: You are playing with rogue against warrior paladin. Warrior attacks you, your rouge attacks warrior, you go behind pillar, warrior follows. Paladin can’t see his partner and is forced to follow him too. Paladin comes close – you cast fear.
11) Combine Inner Focus with Desperate Prayer. Critical heals are nice. :)


Hydramist is a famous priest known all over the world. This is a season 7 video HD quality, with zooms on important moments. Watch it full screen.


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2 Responses to “Discipline Priest PvP Talent Build”

  1. Mario says:

    Hey dude can u help with the discpline gear… im new with discipline priest pvp so i dont know what gear to use if crit rating gear or spirit gear

    • admin says:

      Hi, Mario. You don’t need crit rating. Choose between haste and spirit/mp5. Spirit will give you more mana regen after you don’t cast for 5 seconds. mp5 gives you less mana, but every 5 seconds. In 3v3 and 5v5 you will need more haste. For 2v2 300-400 haste rating should be ok.

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