Feral Druid PvP Talent Build

Feral Druid shred spec for arena, feral / healer setup.
You can also put 3 points from feral instinct in Feral Aggression.



There are two must have major pvp glyphs:
Glyph of Berserk – increases duration of your berserk by 5 seconds.
Glyph of Rip – increases the duration of “Rip” by 4 seconds (2 ticks).
The third glyph can be chosen from:
Glyph of Mangle – increases the damage done by mangle by 10%.
Glyph of Shred – each time you shred, the duration of your Rip extended by 2 sec, up to a maximum of 6sec. (Sometimes it is very difficult to attack your target from behind).
Glyph of Barkskin – reduces the chance you’ll be critically hit by melee attacks by 25% while Barkskin is active.
Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration – while Frenzied Regeneration is active, healing effects on you are 20% more powerful. (During this effect your healing received will be the same as in cat + Frenzied Regeneration will heal 20% more.)

Minor Glyphs:
Glyph of Dash – reduces the cooldown of your dash ability by 20%.
Glyph of the Wild – mana cost of your Gift of The Wild and Mark of the Wild is reduced by 50%.

Dealing damage as feral

Actually what makes the dmg high:) :
1) Savage Roar – finishing move that gives you 30% dmg buff. Keep this buff always up;
2) Mangle – mangle puts a debuff on our target that increases bleed dmg by 30%;
3) Shred – attack that deals MORE dmg than mangle because of Rend and Tear talent if target is bleeding. So make sure you put a bleed before doing some shreds, it could be Pounce, Rip or Rake. Make a nice key binding for shred, enemies like to spin around like crazy:) I use mouse wheel down for shred;
4) Rip – powerful bleed. Thanks to Primal Gore talent, rip ticks can be critical. Even in starter gear feral has 50%+ critical chance; Also bleeds ignore armor.

So the common opener will be: Pounce, mangle, shred, savage roar, shred, shred, rake, rip;

Bursting or few words about energy and Tiger’s Fury+King of Jungle talent.

Here’s an example how can feral kill an average disc priest:
We start as usual, 5combo point savage roar, shreds, but…
When you have your 5 combo points for rip, wait for 100energy.. Put rip, wait 1 sec, and start
shreding, than Tiger’s Fury and shreds again. This can force him to use some cooldowns.
Than before 10 seconds to Tiger’s Fury reset, you pop berserk and burst again. Save trinket for the bursting moment.
Good priest will not die.. But many priests fail with this tactic.


Mana battle and innervating your healer

Important tip is: “When player is cycloned he cant gain mana from abilities like innervate, shadow fiend, Divine Plea, Mana Tide totem.” So by cycloning in the right moment you can help your healer to win on mana. Also when you innervate your healer, make sure he LoS the dispeller or dispeller is cc’ed.


- Watch the warrior spell reflect, and grounding totems to not waste your instant cast or even worse – cyclone your self.
- Your instant cast buf can be dispelled :)
- If after cc chain on healer dps is still allive – cylone the dps to prevent healing.

General Tips

- /cancelform when enemy druid tries to sleep you.
- when your priest mana burns the druid, he can shapeshift in bear form and you can sleep him.
- taunt enemy pets to give your healer chance to drink.
- use gladius click actions for cyclones.
- night elf’s shadowmeld can be used to interrupt cast(if it is casted on you).
- charge in bear form interrupts casts, and prevents target from moving. Can be used to help your priest to burn the healer.
- Demoralizing Roar will break stealth of nearby enemies.
Also you can check Feral and Restoration Shaman arena tactics


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10 Responses to “Feral Druid PvP Talent Build”

  1. dzahid says:

    this spec is good for arena and only for arena

    • vampiricon says:

      it simply isn’t good for anything- be it arenas or bg’s. and how many times do you actually use shred in arenas because i find the shredding attacks talent absolutely useless.

  2. Sadowy says:

    Hmmm i chosed 2/2 improved mark of the wild talent instead 1 in Natural shapeshifter and 1 from predatory instincts . The rest of the talents are the same and i can aprove this is a good talent tree indeed cos’ i’m playing on this talent tree for some time and i’m doing great ;) and BTW those who said those talents sux mabye they were blind and didn’t saw this is a PVP SPEC NOT PVE SPEC! Have fun!

  3. xXx says:

    Why no Master Shapeshifter ?.

    All is cool but i dont aggre with that one.

    • DJsavage says:

      Master shapeshifter is useless… 5 talent points JUST to get 4% crit. With pvp gear and agility stacked, you have around 61-64% crit which is enough. Besides, what would you take out the other points from in order to put them in there? You COULD take out 1 from infected wounds and 1-2 from preditory instincts… but thats still 2-3 points and you need 1-2 more…just to get 2-4% crit.

  4. LALA says:

    Bad talents! You waste 2% of all stats with not going to improved mark of the wild, and the benefits ofc. Primal tenecy isnt that much needed. And you missed natural and master shapeshifter, which gains you ability to shapeshift without using that much mana and you also forget the 4% crit ….

    • Magickaman says:

      @LALA well Master Shapeshifter is stupid… epsecialy cause i have 60% critical WITHOUT crit stacked and that talent, only with agility gems. so why would i spend talent on master Shapeshifter if i already have 60% crit ?

    • DJsavage says:

      Lol, you really don’t know what you are talking about…do you? First off, this is an ARENA spec. Now that we sorted that out, primal tenacity is AMAZING. 30% reduced fear? Pair that with a 10% reduce fear meta gem and you have yourself 40% reduced fears. Yes you have 100% immunity for fear during berserk for 15-20 seconds (depending on glyph), but you really should save that for key moments, not to remove the first fear that is shot at you… also, 30% reduced damage in cat is very good too… add that up with resil and armour and you have a very good defence boost in CAT form. Now on to the master shapeshifter sh1t. Do you really think its ok to waste 5 talent points just for a 4% crit boost? You should have around 60-63% crit without stacking it, no point in getting 4% more. Now if it was 2-3 talent points then I would take it. Also I would switch 5 in feriocity with 5 in feral aggresion. After you learn to pool energy correctly and you learn to use clearcasting, you wont really need 5 cheaper attacks… and that 15% more powerful FB is really sick for finishers in arena.

  5. Lord de Seis says:

    This is not a good druid for duels.

    For duels, go 100% physical damage.
    I have owned a lot of Druids/Hunters/Pallies/Rogues/Shammies with this build.

    Master Shapeshifter is a must have, because, against
    some classes, Cat Form is not an option, you’ll need
    to go Bear.

    Like, it’s really easy and fast to own Hunters with Bear.
    Dueled like 2000+ Ret Pallies and NONE owned me.

    Shadow Priests, Mages and Warlocks are ridiculous to kill,
    like, last time I dueled a Warlock, took less than 5 seconds
    to beat him with Cat Form.

    For arenas, I can say I go very well, so, I can kill almost
    anything without bleeding him.

    If you spend your energy well, and if you know when it’s
    time to Berserk, you can win.

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