Frost Mage PVP Talents. Frost guidelines.

The most popular Frost Mage’s Talent Spec in 3.3.5 for arena

There could be some other variations, but all important core talents are taken here.

Few times when I played mage some guys were whispering me “Teach me how to play a mage.” Was a weird question for me, because I always prefer learning by doing. When playing a class there is a list of things you need to keep in mind. But to apply them well, you need practice.


Major: Glyph of Ice Barrier, Glyph of Evocation / Glyph of Mirror Image, Glyph of Icy Veins

Mage stats

You need 130 spell penetration and 5%-6% hit rating (6% because for example retri paladins have talent which decrease chance to hit them, also if you have chosen hit chance in talents than you need less).
Top priority stats : haste and spell power.

Few words about gear:
As we are talking about private servers, the gear that available for us depends on a server.
Don’t take cloth with spirit, mp5, you also don’t need much crit, because talents give you +50% crit chance on frozen targets. Choose haste:) faster frost bolts, less global cooldown, faster polymorphs FTW :)

Dueling as frost mage.

Before any duel buff yourself: Intellect, Dampen magic, against meelee classes use Ice Armor, against casters – Magic Armor. Mana Shield, Ice Barrier.

It’s better to start duel when you have Ice Barrier buff and it is not on a cooldown, for refreshing it after first one is broken. So yeah, you can wait a bit before pressing accept:)

Don’t forget to use mana gems.

Duel against destruction warlock

Destruction warlocks are hard for frost mages. Though its a good practice to level up your skills. In most situations warlock should win:)

- Counter spell his fire school of magic not shadow. The best spell to counter spell is immolate.
- If he was lucky to cast immolate – spell steal the 3 stacked buff that increases his cast speed for next three destruction spells;
- Use fire ward;
- Fake cast his pet’s spell lock. After you successfully did it. You can pop cooldonwns Icy Veins, copies.
- When popping copies make sure warlock can’t reach them fast or he will fear them.
- You can keep small distance to blink behind warlock when he is about to finish cast. Save blink for shadowfury.
- When Ice Barrier is broken, counter spell and deep freeze on cooldown – use Ice Block. Wait till cooldowns reset.
- Make sure you have used all your important cooldowns before using Cold Snap (Ice Barrier, Ice Block, Deep Freeze);
- Cast some fire magic spells and spell steal warlocks damage reduction buff for fire school :)
- Run around lock and cast instant spells so he can’t face you to cast.
- Cast evocation when shadowfury and spell lock is on cooldown or when warlock is in deep freeze.
- Decurse yourself.


Pet freeze / summon pet macro:
#showtooltip Freeze
/cast [pet] Freeze
/cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental


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2 Responses to “Frost Mage PVP Talents. Frost guidelines.”

  1. chillah says:

    Great tips, but you cannot remove some curses like 1800 damage reduction, dont remember whats the name of it, but its DoT. And just to mention, you must freeze him as soon as possible, and frost nova/cone of cold his succubus.

  2. Nikola Adzic says:

    hm, kinda agree with stuff about u say vs locks…can be possible, u just need to slow down their fast temper, thats about it…
    about that spec of urs, i kinda always have imp blizz, castin as rank 1, very useful in arenas, even better than fb rank 1. remove 1 from permafrost :)
    u have 1 more talent in arc tree which is useless, better put on first row in frost talent tree, to fulfill Ice Floes…
    nice one in Enduring winter, rly needed, more than arctic freeze. :D

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