Recount Addon For 3.3.5

Recount is a great damage / healing meter addon with many other statistics and detailed information, mostly useful for raiders, but also could help in analyzing your PvP battle.

Not complete list of it’s features:
* Damage done statistic (with detailed info on each spell);
* Damage taken statistic;
* Healing done;
* Healing taken;
* Death’s reports ( shows what happened to player before death, what have killed him)

Who usually needs recount

Raiding players love to compete while dealing damage, sometimes even forgetting about other important things like tactics, moving from void zones etc.

Recount death reports is useful when players die in the raid to see what actually killed them and in what period of time. For example if tank have lost his 40k hp in 1.5 second, its definitely was something wrong with his gear or tactics.

Healers can watch their healing done but the most important are lives of tank and raid members not the amount of healing.


The captcha image is often hard to read, just renew it until you get a good one Download Recount addon 3.3.5


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