Resto Shaman PvP Talent Build/Spec

Restoration Shaman’s Talent build for arena. For playing battlegrounds you might want some modifications to this spec.



Major: Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem, Glyph of Earth Shield, Glyph of Healing Wave / Glyph of Water Mastery

Macros for healing in 2v2 arena

/cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Riptide
/cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Healing Wave
/cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Lesser Healing Wave

These macros are useful for any healer in 2v2. They allow you to heal your partner without targeting him. So for healing yourself you press alt+macro, for healing your partner – just macro.

Resto shaman playing 2v2 with arms warrior.

Video is available at high quality. Full screen it and enjoy. Check my comments under video in this post.

First battle against lock+mage. Pretty hard combo.
To make it easier for you to watch it here is list of shamans actions:
1) In the beginning shaman puts grounding totem. And during all battle he purges the mage.
2) Mage: ice lance.
3) First poly is shocked by shamy.
4) Second is spell reflected by warrior.
5) Mage trinketing and getting hexed.
6) Shamy pops heroism. Mage spellsteals. Shamy purges.
7) Gounded poly, than shocked poly.
8) Shamy goes behind pilar.
9) Mage polymorphs warrior. Warrior trinketing. At this stage warrior’s health-80%. Warlocks-40%.
10)Mage polymorphs shaman. Shaman trinketing. Poly again.
11) Warrior is at 40% , going defensive. Shaman uses instant heal.
12) Shaman puts totems, some healing. Than totems again(tremor included). Here comes nice fear from warrior – copies are feared. Mage ice blocks.
13) Warlock fears and trying to kill the tremor with wand but too late.
14) Now mage polymorphs shaman…. But here comes LOL – stupid dog attacks shaman.
15) During this time warrior was slowed/cc’ed. Warlock teleports behind pilar.
16) Now warrior does a superb trick. Double charge to reach warlock.

OK now I’m pretty tired commenting. If you liked my analyse – write it in comments will make it more detailed. After 16) Shaman was counter spelled and warrior almost died. In the end warrior ROCKS AGAIN OMG A SPELL REFLECT KILL sorry for caps guys. Amazing:)

Against DK+Shadow Priest shaman did a very nice fake cast (or just grounded mind freeze) when warrior was very low.

Check Feral and Restoration Shaman arena tactics


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    Thanks for the guide :)

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    are excessives addons in wow actually

    addon dependency

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    Thanks for the help!

    if u had time maybe u could throw some geartips in there, what to cap, what to focus on for example.

    Once again thanks for the help!

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