Affliction Warlock PvP Talent Build

Affliction warlock spec for 2v2 arena.
Using this build you need only 2% hit chance in your gear.

Eradication vs Death’s Embrace

Benefits from haste(Eradication):
  • Faster [Haunt], [Unstable Affliction] – harder to kick/interrupt;
  • Faster [Drain Life], [Drain Soul]
  • [Corruption] Ticks faster with [Glyph of Quick Decay]
Benefits from [Death's Embrace]:
  • More healing from [Drain Life] on low hp;
  • Easier to finish enemy;


Major Glyph

[Glyph of Corruption] [Glyph of Shadowflame] [Glyph of Quick Decay]


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7 Responses to “Affliction Warlock PvP Talent Build”

  1. Vano says:

    Hmmm…. Why Shadow Embrace 3/5? 5\5 is more damage.

    • admin says:

      Not enough talent points. It’s only 2%. So it’s better to choose some other talents that give more bonus to damage or some useful abilities like master summoner.

  2. Oblivinaty says:

    Preety usefull infos. around . Was wondering if it is possible to see a demonology warlock pvp – talent build . Yes Demonology :) … this spec is considered by most of the ppl a noob spec , but I can asure you from my own exp. and opinion , it’s one of the best pvp specs if it is played by a pro :) . I cuind of mannaged to learn it but still got some questions about how talents exactly go in alternation of what spells your using .

    Cheers !

    • Skenz says:

      Srsly? Demon? this is pure burst dmg and raidbuff in 3.3.5a, in pvp it has nothing to do since it’s just like playing fire mage @ higher ranks – 0 control = no use in arenas.

      if u say “Played by a pro” how come a pro cannot fix up his own talents by his ownd needs?

  3. evilwoman says:

    dude demo is imba when played right. although im not good at it but ive seen 2 imba demo locks on my server.

    the burst is so good that before demon transformation ends, duel is over. also its good against casters as well as melees.

    too hard to beat a pro demo player. only char i could use to manage to beat these guys was with an unholy dk so far.

  4. LOL says:

    Mate sorry but health funnel? seriously? use the HS instead

  5. ShallowTwister says:

    Instead of putting points into the Improved armor talent in the Demo tree, Put them into your Improved curse of agony. That’s an extra 10% dot damage also allowing you to put an extra point into your shadow embrace. Also there isn’t really a point in putting points into Fel domination or master summoner when you have a partner. You should already have your pet out and ready. Your succubus won’t be the primary target. Put these tree points into Eradication. this increases your spell haste when corruption deals damage allowing you to cast haunt and unstable affliction faster.

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