Destruction Warlock PvP Talent Build

Destruction warlock spec for 2v2 arena.

Stats basics

Top priority stats are spell power and haste. Critical strike rating comes in the 5 pvp set. Also make sure you have 130 spell penetration and 5% hit rating. You can also take suppression talent- than you need only 2% hit chance in your gear.

Major Glyphs

As example:
[Glyph of Conflagrate]
glyph of immolation or shadowburn or chaosbolt
[Glyph of Shadowflame]
3 Improved succubus talents could be replaced with a glyph.


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4 Responses to “Destruction Warlock PvP Talent Build”

  1. kikos says:

    dude, Tibor Forge you should use the minion depending on your enemies
    you need to use for healer a specific minion
    same for dps

  2. Max says:

    This build suck -_-

    i play warlock 6 year and i can say 100% NOoob Build !

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