Assassination Rogue PvP Talent Build



  • Keep your energy at 75%+.Don’t just spam mutilates. Keeping your energy at 75%+ allows you to make a great burst after you kicked healer or cc’ed the healer.
  • Restealth whenever you can. This gives you an overkill buff (increased energy regeneration for 20 sec).
  • Watch out fake casts. Use gouge when your kick is on cd. Interrupt cast at the very end of cast bar(If its not a penance :) ). Saving kidney for interrupting a cast could also be a good idea.
  • Use shiv to refresh \ reapply deadly poisons when they are about to fade off. Or to apply them more quicker.
  • When disarmed, warriors can’t use shield wall.
  • Major Glyphs

    [Glyph of Mutilate]
    [Glyph of Vigor]
    [Glyph of Sprint] / [Glyph of Vanish] / [Glyph of Preparation]
    Main offensive stats are: Attack power > Critical Strike Chance > Haste;

    Sap Macro

    /cast Sap
    /cast [target=arena1] sap
    /cast [target=arena2] sap
    /cast [target=arena3] sap


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    4 Responses to “Assassination Rogue PvP Talent Build”

    1. Luis says:

      could you post the rotation or the priority of the skills? plz I’m new playing as rogue. thx

    2. C.Rinnaldo says:

      I need good spec for 1vs1 pvp assasination ply…3.3.5version

    3. morlokor says:

      @ C.Rinnaldo,

      For a good PvP spec, use the one above. Just instead of placing 3 points in initiative, place them in lethality and improved poisons. Fill those up instead. thats what i use. it works beautifully. the problem with many new pvp assassin rogues based on similar specs, they look at the small auto attacks mixed with small mutilates and go

      Their wrong though, if you look at the speed they come in at..coupled with muti and envenom (which ignores armor) you’ll notice its quite potent. I can down warriors and paladins in full wrath quite easily.

      Hope this helps

    4. DDP says:

      Can u provide a short movie on how you do it mr Morlokor?

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