Protection Paladin PvP Talent Build

Prot Pal spec for 2v2 arena.


Major Glyphs

[Glyph of Avenger's Shield]
[Glyph of Divine Plea]
[Glyph of Judgement]


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6 Responses to “Protection Paladin PvP Talent Build”

  1. darkspace says:

    I want to kno how protection warrior talents build.. Can u help me?? thanks

  2. Meeh says:

    Can someone please put an retribution paladin spec/glyps/guide. Please I really need it. Thanks. :)

  3. Lolocaust says:

    This is almost the worst protret build I ever seen. Crusader instead of persuit of justice? No 1/2 vindication for trash debuff? No 5/5 seal and judge 15% increase which is +70% of all the protret dps. No 5/5 reckoning so it doesnt work with blocks and the chance 4% is so damn insignificant that is just a waste of points. 1/2 Spiritual attunment? I guess you are one of those protretardins that use avenger on CD, waste all their mana and ask the healer “heal me cuz i haz no mana” even if you are at 100% (that’s the reason to run with a protret, so u dont have to heal much). And 3/3 ardent defender LOL, 1/3 provides the same cheat death effect. L2Protret.

  4. wejnik says:

    And some guide is out how to prot pvp etc. which seal, blessing… rotation or priority of spells?

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