Popular WoW 3.3.5 addons

ElvUI Mod of TukUI 3.3.5. Download.

Modification of TukUI addon. This is a complete user interface replacement. Video Review by fbmowner

TukUI Addon 3.3.5 (wotlk) Download.

This addon will completely change your user interface: Dialogs. Unit frames. Map. Action Bars. Chat frame and combat log. However I would not recommend it for low resolution monitors. Install instructions: Copy folders Tukui, Tukui_ConfigUI, Tukui_dps_Layout, Tukui_Heal_Layout to Interface\Addons folder. Type /tukui to configure. When downloading, refresh the captcha image if it’s hard to read [...]

Download Bagnon Addon for 3.3.5(WotLK)

This addon will display your bags in one frame. It also shows bank items and items of your other characters. Refresh the captcha image if it’s hard to read Download Bagnon Addon 3.3.5a

Cartographer addon for 3.3.5 (WotLK)

Cartographer addon will show you maps of all zones in game such as: Cities Battlegrounds Dungeons Raids Leveling zones Bonus mp3 included! Download Cartographer addon 3.3.5a

Bartender addon for 3.3.5

Similar to Dominos but with more configuration options. Addon that customizes your action bars: Download Bartender 3.3.5a

Dominos addon for 3.3.5

Dominos addon allows you to modify your action bars position and scale. After installation a domino icon will appear at your mini-map. Click it to configure your action bars. There is another similar addon called Bartender which has more configuration options. Download Dominos 3.3.5

HealBot addon for 3.3.5

No its not a healing bot. You still need to click to heal. HealBot is a unit frames addon for healers that allows you to bind your healing spells to mouse buttons and you will have to just point and click to heal someone. It also displays debuffs and highly configurable. This is how it [...]

Power Auras Addon for 3.3.5

Power Auras adds highly customizable notifications for your buffs when they appear/disappear. Power Auras was created to display visual cues when you gain debuffs, buffse. It allows players to draw in the middle of the screen, very customizable visual effects, rather than having to watch the mouseover buff/debuff images. Initially written to provide graphical cues [...]

RedRange addon for 3.3.5

RedRange marks your spells with red color if your target is out of range for that spell. Download RedRange

Quartz addon for 3.3.5

Quartz allows you to customize the cast bars. It can be anything – focus, target, player, pet. It also shows you when to interrupt your spell to prevent it from sending to the server, depending on your latency; Download Quartz

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